Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Best Cebu Roasted Pig


When it comes to lechon, Cebu could be one of the prominent source of roasted pig in the country. They have this unique way of cooking this famous dish of the Philippines. Cebu Lechons has a distinct taste compare to others. The soft and tender meat to its crispy skin is patiently cook in a charcoal for many hours to ensure that the inner part will create an aromatic odor. Plus these lechons are not only dipped on a plain gravy but served with plum or other sauces, vinegar, or with other seasonings or accompaniments. The secret of these Cebu's Lechon might be because they are marinated for 12 hrs in a special formulation, then stuffed with lemon grass, garlic, Anise and Onions.

Some lechon shop in Cebu accept orders outside the province. You can place orders and pay it via bank-to-bank transaction or even thru money remittance like Western Union orML Kwarta Padala. But they are charging an amount if they will ship it via airfreight.



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